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Central Coast Casino

Where Professionalism and Small Town Charm Meet!​​

Central Coast Casino (CCC) is probably the smallest casino you have ever seen! But do not be fooled by our small size, sometimes, great things come in small packages! 

This is No Ordinary Card Room

Here at CCC you will most likely be greeted by the owner, David Steams. Before opening the Grover Beach casino in early 1998, Dave spent over ten years in the Los Angeles based casinos working his way up from a dealer, to house player and eventually Casino Manager. 

Dave has had the opportunity to work with some of the industry greats including John Sutton, Tracy Edwards and Joel Tonges. Dave carries a reputation of the highest integrity from players as well as casino professionals. 

Having played professional poker full time for several years, Dave's claim to fame was the 1st place win at the 1995 "Rags to Riches" tournament at the Commerce Club. At that time it was the largest money payout in California history. In 1999, he placed 5th in the World Series of Poker 

at the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas. 


David Steams holds a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Cal State University Los Angeles. Dave's wife, Theresa, had the opportunity to work with Jim Barbo and Ralph Wong from the Commerce Club in Los Angeles. For several years, players considered Theresa as, "One of the top three poker dealers at the Commerce Casino". Theresa now is responsible for the training of our casino dealers and works as Central Coast Casino's Hostess. Her cooking is unrivaled and more often than not, she will be cooking for the players. If your timing is right, you can sample some of Theresa's mouth watering creations ... complimentary of course! 


How would a Poker Player, Marketing Genius, and a Professional Ca­sino Manager design a Poker Room? 


Come in and find out! All the little details that play a role in your poker experience has the finger­ prints of Dave on them! Ad them all up, and you get one of the best poker rooms not only in San Luis County, but the World. Yes, we have annual visitors that come from all over the world that discovered CCC while on vacation in Pismo Beach. 

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